Study of runoff conditions in Khoshi catchments

Jul 23, 2010

Research study of rainfall-runoff conditions in Logar/Afghanistan is a pilot project of the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team. It aims to help with a decision process of solving problems concerning irrigation water availability.

The first purpose of the Research Study of Runoff Conditions in Khoshi Catchments is to help the Khoshi catchments as a selected pilot area. The second purpose is to prepare a methodology for solving similar projects in other regions of Afghanistan. The Khoshi valley presents typical landscape type of an agricultural part of Afghanistan. Upper steep mountain region stays unsettled while sharply defined valley with by permanent stream hosts relatively dense population living on agriculture. There is enough rainfall for useful agricultural production, but precipitation time distribution makes it difficult with summer dry period. Situation might be changed by building a reservoir in suitable part of the valley. The reservoir would work for two purposes - storing a winter period runoffs for irrigation in summer and flood protection from spring storms.


Study of runoff conditions in Khoshi catchments 8 MB PDF (Acrobat document) Jul 23, 2010

Photo and Video

Construction of a new dam in Khoshi district

Have a look at the pictures from Abtak village, where PRT is working on reconstruction of water sources. more ►