Apiculture center will help Logar farmers to increase their incomes

Oct 26, 2011

A new center for Logar beekeepers is under construction in the provincial capital of Pol-e Alam.

The project is coordinated by the provincial Department of Agriculture and Livestock and funded by the Czech PRT.

The main goal of the project is to support Logar beekeepers, whose number is constantly growing. "Currently there is one cooperative in the province, which is focused on apiculture. It consists of some 400 people who are full-time beekeepers. According to our information, the project will also impact their families, this means some 2800 persons," said Pavel Burian, agriculture adviser from the civilian PRT.

The new building will serve for the breeding and reproduction of bees as well as for quality control of honey and wax. It will include a consultancy center, training rooms and a workshop for beekeeping equipment repairs. Thanks to the project the cooperative will create 20 new jobs for people from the town.

The facility will be unique in the province, especially thanks to the technologies used. "There is nothing of this kind in Logar, neither in the neighbouring provinces, farmers have no place to produce quality honey and wax," Pavel Burian said. For example, the Logar beekeeping cooperative is based in a private house, which serves for production, packing and logistics.

"The new center will help the farmers to increase their income, higher quality products will be marketable at better prices," Burian commented. The quality control will also prevent low quality and unhygienic products from reaching the market.

Apiculture is a traditional element in Afghan agriculture, but years of war disrupted its development.  The Czech PRT has already supported some 100 beekeepers by providing trainings and supply of basic equipment. Beekeeping will be a subject taught at the new agriculture high school, which has been currently under construction with the support of the Czech PRT.

Filip Moravec, civilian PRT Logar

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