New observation point contributes to the security in Logar center

Jan 5, 2012

Have a look at the pictures of the new project of support to Afghan National Security Forces.

The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), especially the army and the police, are step by step taking the responsibility for the security in the country. The new observation point, which was constructed with the support of Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Logar Province, is a part of the assistance to this process.

„We know that Czechs are here to help Afghans and this project is another evidence,“ said general Mohammad Loney from Pol-e Alam, Logar´s capital.

During the project a new building was constructed on the outskirt of Pol-e Alam and close to the main road, which is important for transport between Kabul and southern provinces of the country.

The old observation point, how it looked like before the project was implemented

The observation point is located on the hill above the roade, so ANSF members are able to control the movement efficiently . If necessary, they can stop suspicious vehicles and persons.

It is one of many projects of Czech PRT supporting the security in Logar Province. The new house is one of eight, which were built or renovated.

Marisa Perelló, deputy head of the civilian PRT Logar, during the ribbon cutting

Most of the checkpoints and observation points has been serving for Afghan National Police (ANP), but some of them are designated for Afghan National Army (ANA) units as well.        

View from the observation point to Pol-e Alam

Miroslav Handlir, civil engineer from Czech PRT, during discussion with the representative of the contracted construction company

Filip Moravec, civilian PRT Logar

Photo and Video

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