Czech mentors train their Afghan colleagues from the prison service

Feb 28, 2012

A training for the Prison Service has started in Logar Province. It is provided by the Czech PRT and the Prison Service of the Czech Republic.

The aim of the project is to introduce the basic procedures related to the maintenance of the prison. The lessons are focused on escorting the prisoners, security in the prison facilities and searching techniques.

"We want to teach our students that they can treat the prisoners effectively, but in the same time with the respect to their dignity and health," said Robert Káčer, head of the training team of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. "The first days showed that the Afghan members of the prison service in Logar are very keen to learn, enthusiastic and active," he commented.

“I have been working for the prison service for eight years. During that time I went through two trainings conducted by foreign instructors and I have to say that this one is the most interesting,“ said Heydatullah Wahdat, one of thirty trainees.

The main impetus for the training was construction of the new prison in Pol-e Alam, the Logar capital. The project was funded from the budget of Czech Republic and supervised by PRT.

“Currently we have serious problems with the space in the old prison. Also, there is no first aid station, so we need to transport prisoners to the district hospital, which is always quite difficult,“ Wahdat said.

While the old prison consists only from few shabby buildings, the new one will offer enough space for some 120 persons. It was constructed according to the Afghan law and to international rules determined by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The training is a part of PRT´s efforts in the field of improving security in the Logar Province. Czechs support the Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan National Army (ANA) by trainings, equipment and construction of facilities.

Filip Moravec, media officer, civilian part of PRT Logar

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