Construction of ANP Training Center Completed in Logar

Feb 2, 2010

New training and educational facility for Afghan National Police (ANP) was completed in the center of Logar Province.

The project included construction of a new building with classrooms, training tower for climbing and roping down, and an obstacle course.

While the educational building and tower were completed few months ago, the obstacle course was  completed and handed over to ANP this week. All constructions were funded and inspected by Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar.

General Mustafa, commander of ANP in Logar, gave a speech during the ribbon cutting ceremony. „These obstacles will help you to improve your skills and experience. At the end, it will be easier for you to bring security to more areas of Logar. The military training will also improve your discipline,“ he said to his men.

While the construction was under responsibility of Czech PRT’s civilian team, the military part of PRT has been providing the training in basic skills like self-defense, first aid and gun handling.

Since December 2009, the center and the training curriculum were certified by NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan as Focus District Development Program.

„This center will really strenghten skills of our policemen. People in Afghanistan and especially people from Logar are very satisfied with your assistance and support to the reconstruction process,“ Mr. Mustafa said.

Filip Moravec, civilian part of PRT Logar

Photo and Video

Under construction. Czech engineers visit project sites

The construction season has started just couple days ago and the engineers are keeping an eye on how the works at projects site continue. more ►