Czech PRT conducted first aid training for Afghan soldiers

Feb 7, 2012

The knowledge of right procedures saves lives during the operations.

Afghan soldiers from 1st Kandak of Afghan National Army (ANA) in Logar Province participated in the first aid training, which took place on the Forward Operational Base in Altimur.

The training was conducted by medical doctors from Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team. „The training was focused primarily on the techniques of treating the gunshot wounds. Czech doctors showed us how to give the firs aid to a soldier with pneumothorax, which is unfortunately quite frequent during our operations,“ said Abdul Karim, medical leader in Altimur.

So far, some injuries lead the death during the ANA´s operations. „Most serious are amputations of course, which are followed by massive bleeding,“ Karim explains and goes on describing how useful such trainings are. „Czech doctors are more experienced than us. They know how to use all the equipment, especially the training dummies. It is very good way of training, because we can demonstrate the real injuries very illustratively.“

The training was attended by twelve ANA members. Six of them were regular officers, the second half will use the experience from the lessons as local paramedics.

Czech PRT contributes to the capacity buliding of the Afghan National Security Forces through several means. Czech soldiers conduct trainings, especially for the Afghan National Police (ANP) and ANA.

On the other hand, the civilian part of PRT is responsible for building facilities, which improve the conditions of policemen´s and soldiers´ daily service (checkpoints, observation points, headquarters, medical stations etc.).

Filip Moravec, media officer, civilian part of PRT Logar

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