Czech PRT in Logar to hand over the first cold storage in Logar to farmers.

Aug 11, 2008

Second cold storage built by the Czech Republic-led PRT in Logar was handed over to the agricultural cooperative in Kolangar village, Pole Alam district. The cold storage for stocking up the production of vegetables and fruits, mostly apples, potatoes and onions will be used by 200 farmers from the cooperative.

Solar system provides energy for the ventilation, lighting and other equipment. The cold storage enables farmers to store their produce till next year and sell it when the prices increase.

"We had to sell our production in the fall right after the harvest because we were not able to store it through winter. Now we can sell our potatoes, onions or apples in spring when the prices of vegetables and fruits are the highest," Wahidullah (45) said during the ribbon cutting ceremony which was held in Kolangar in the afternoon on Thursday, August 7.

The cold storage in Kolangar is the second of five which the PRT is currently building in Logar province. The construction is paid by CEPR and was prepared by US PRT in Paktia. The Czechs took over this project from the US in March when the Czech-led PRT came to Logar. Other two cold storages will be completed next week and handed over immediately to the local agricultural cooperatives. There will also be a USAID supported workshop for the members of the cooperatives how to use cold storages properly. "The cold storages will be used by more then 1000 farmers in Logar province, Iva Smejkalova, the civilian agriculture expert said. Ten tons of vegetables and fruits can be kept in each cold storage.

(Karla Stepankova, Media Affairs Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic)



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