Members of the Provincial Government were trained in communication and media

Feb 14, 2012

Afghan Government Media Information Center (GMIC) in Kabul, together with Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar Province, organized a training focused on PR, media and communication.

„So far, I didn´t know how to face to the media, how to talk to journalists and how to answer thein questions,“ said Nafisa Hijran, member of the Provincial Council.

„Therefore the training was very useful for me. Now I can make a TV interview, radio interview or I can go on the stage and speak to the public,“ she added.

The training was composed from lessons of theory, but from practical examinations too. The participants learned also how to write a press report, how to keep in touch with media and inform them about the activities of the government.

Group of ten participants consisted primarily of the officials from the provincial departments. But also an employee of the municipality in Pol-e Alam, the Logar capital, improved his media skills. „I am responsible for our magazine. Now I know how to improve its content to attract more people,“ said …

„During the practical part, the participants were standing in front of the camera at the beginning and at the end of the training. The difference in their auditions was significant,“ said Asad Amin from the GMIC about the results of the training.

Czech PRT is assisting the provincial government in several levels from infrastructure projects (reconstructions and constructions of governmental buildings) to mentoring in key departments.

Filip Moravec, media officer, civilian part of PRT Logar

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