Milk Collection Centers Constructed in Logar

Jan 28, 2010

Milk production in Logar Province was improved by construction of two new milk collection centers

Two centers in Pol-e Alam and Mohammad Agha were in need for reconstruction for a long time. „We had serious problems as we were moving from place to place without a stable facility,“ Mr. Khwaja Mirulah from local dairy cooperative says.

The project of new buildings in Malak Abdullah Jan and Shikak villages was implemented in cooperation with the Logar governmental department for agriculture and funded by Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team.

„This building is a real asset for us. As you can see, we have a new building, machines and water system. It is  a great chance for us to increase the capacity ofour  collection center and to gain higher profits. It’s much more better than the old mud house,“ Mr. Abdul Wahim, employee of the dairy cooperative in Shikak says.

System of the milk collection in Logar is working on the basis of small centers, where members of cooperatives bring their product every day and sell one liter for aproximatelly 50 cents. Collected milk is then trasported to the central dairy in Kabul City.

In summer 2009,  Czech PRT donated over 1500 milk cans to Logar farmers. „It was quite usual that people were bringing the milk in fuel canisters,“ Pavel Burian from Czech PRT said. „In future, we have a plan to build collection centers for another two cooperatives“.

Milk is a source of income for hundreds of people. Each of cooperatives in Malak Abdullah Jan and Shikak villages has some 400 members, but the project will impact also their families. It means, according to PRT’s assesment, almost 7000 people.

Filip Moravec, Civilian part of PRT Logar

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