Five uplift projects announced in Logar

Aug 23, 2009

August 23 - Pol-e Alam, Afghanistan – The Czech Republic-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar launches five new development projects.

Construction of a school and two milk collection centers are among the projects. The schemes were consulted with provincial governmental departments, shura councils and other local stakeholders.

Projects were also chosen with focus on the main priorities and areas of PRT’s activity. Education, security and agriculture are among them. Projects include constructions of high school in Muhammad Agha District and new span roofs for five selected schools.

As part of support to Logar farmers, Czech PRT will also improve two milk collection centers in Muhammad Agha and Pol-e Alam Districts by construction of new buildings. During the project, both facilities will be equipped with cooling systems. This step will be important for especially for the milk quality, which will be dramatically improved. 

As Czech PRT is also closely cooperating with Logar media, new security wall around Millie Paygham Radio will be built. The last of five projects is a water well for Pol-e Alam district hospital.

Number of consultations and assessments take place before launching a new project. According to the established procedures, construction companies had three weeks to provide PRT with their offers.  During selection of the winning bids, preferences are frequently given to Logar based companies which employ local labor, so the monies invested in Logar remain in Logar and contribute to the development of provincial economy.

Photo and Video

Construction of a new dam in Khoshi district

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