Seven ambulances will improve access to healthcare in Logar

Jun 14, 2009

Public health system has been improved with donation of seven ambulances, which will serve for transportation between health facilities in the province.

In the field of healthcare, Provincial Public Health Department  closely cooperates with nongovernmental organization MRCA. „We have three district hospitals, five comprehensive health centers and eighteen basic health care centers  in Logar. It is unfortunately not enough for some 300 thousands citizens of the whole province,“ Aziz Rahman Siddiqui from MRCA said.

But not only lack of space for patients presents serious problem. MRCA, which has been working in Logar since 2005, was unable to arrange enough vehicles for transportation from villages to district hospitals. According to the researches, for some 60 percent people living in rural areas, the healthcare is hardly accessible.

„This problem is more serious in those districts, where security is not improved, but also in isolated areas like Charkh, Kharwar or Azra. In some parts of province, we had to rent cars for transportation of the needy ones.  As Czech PRT donated seven ambulances, we have some eleven ambulances  for Logar now,“ Aziz said.

The purchase of ambulances is a part of support to health system in Logar. Beside this project, Czech PRT has been reconstructing two district hospitals and purchasing photovoltaic panels for ten health centers, maternity clinics and district hospitals.

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