The project of agriculture high school was completed in Logar

Dec 12, 2011

December 12, 2011 – Pol-e Alam, Afghanistan – The first part of the agriculture and mechanical high school in the Logar Province was handed over to the provincial authorities. The project was implemented in cooperation between the provincial department of education and the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team.

More than 1,000 students will attend the new school, which has been built in Pol-e Alam, the capital town of the Logar Province. The aim of the project is to create an opportunity for students to be educated in the area of agriculture and mechanization.

During the first phase of the project, a building of 19 classrooms, laboratories and workshop was constructed. The workshop consists of a vast hall, which will serve to teach mechanical subjects.

 “We are very grateful for the project, which was funded by PRT. We now have the responsibility to find qualified teachers for this institution. Most of them have already been hired, the school will open for the next school year in March 2012,” said Mr. Asif Nang, Deputy Minister of Education in Afghanistan.

The graduates of the school will receive knowledge and skills in livestock, agricultural chemistry, farming, animal anatomy, etc. The mechanical subjects will focus on how to operate and repair the machines and appliances, which are used in agriculture.

In the next phase of the project PRT is planning to build another building with more classrooms, a dormitory for students and dining facilities. Besides that, a demonstration farm will be constructed. It will include green houses, irrigation systems and storages for fruit and vegetables, where the students will practice what they have already learnt.

“We appreciate the help of PRT. Our plan now is to build a similar agricultural school in the Mohamad Agha district and another high school focused on technological disciplines somewhere in Logar,” said Mr. Abdul Mateen Jafar, director of the Department of Education in the Logar Province.

“The High agriculture school is a symbol of development in the Logar Province. Education is important, because good education is a better safeguard of a nation´s stability and liberty than the army or police. Furthermore, there is nothing more important for Logar´s and Afghanistan´s prosperity than good education,” said Mr. Petr Svačina, head of the civilian part of PRT.

“But everything that we provided is just an empty shell, this is the easier part. It is entirely in the hands of the Afghan government and people to make this project a success. It is you who will have to make sure that good teachers are teaching here and bright students are educated here. I have full confidence that this will happen and in a couple of years Kabul University will be full of students from Logar, who come from this school,”Petr Svačina said.

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