The Provincial Government in Logar Province completed three schools reconstructions

Dec 7, 2011

Three projects were implemented in Muhammad Agha, Pol-e Alam and Baraki Barak Districts.

In Kolangar and Dasht Dellawar villages new windows, doors and gates wer e installed. In Dehnew village, a new water well was drilled. 

All projects were funded by the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team, but fully implemented by  the provincial Department of Education. The provincial officials successfully organized a bidders conference to select the construction companies. The department´s civil engineer regularly checked the quality of the work.

"We are assisting the provincial government in capacity building and therefore we decided to implement these projects in this manner. We are satisfied with the results of this first attempt to make the provincial departments fully responsible for the reconstruction efforts. The selection process was transparent and the department´s management kept us informed of progress," said Petr Svačina, Head of the civilian PRT.

Thanks to the project, more than three thousand children have better conditions for education. "The education department found two schools, where new windows were needed because of the coming winter. In the third school drinking water will be provided to children thanks to the new well," said Martin Hejral, project coordinator from the PRT.

"This is one of the ways of preparing the Afghan administration for the time when it will be fully responsible for the reconstruction of their country," said Petr Svačina.

Since 2008, Czech PRT refurbished and expanded 15 schools with a total capacity of almost 16,000 students. The projects also include 3 girls’ schools. Besides that, the Czech PRT has been working on establishing an agriculture high school and centre for vocational training in food processing and machinery maintenance.

The Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team has been working in the Logar province since March 2008. Its civilian part comprises 11 civilian experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and 292 troops from the Czech Army. The activities of the PRT range from security, agriculture development, repair of water constructions and infrastructure projects to support education, health care and the independent media. The Czech team has completed a total of 157 projects in Logar so far, including several Quick Impact Projects.

Filip Moravec, civilian PRT

Photo and Video

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