The PRT in Logar contributes to the training of the Afghan Police

Feb 23, 2012

During the past six months over 200 police officers went through Czech training courses

“As-salamu alejkum! Alejkum salam!“  The words of this traditional Afghan greeting are the first you hear after the whistle blows, calling everybody back to the classroom after the break. Another lesson begins.

More than seventy policemen to-be are participating in the Basic Patrol Course (BPC) conducted by soldiers from the Czech PRT in the Logar Province. The main subjects are the basics of law, behaviour towards civilians, guns maintenance and first aid.

During eight weeks, the time and training will show if the recruits are capable enough to serve their country, its security and stability.

Alan Khan from the mountains of Azra district is one of them.  A former teacher primarily motivated by prestige. His hero is Ahmad Shah Durani, the Afghan king who was ruling the empire in 18th century. “I think a policeman should be brave and never lose his moral qualities”, he says. 

Khan, tall with beard, is the most active in the classroom. He is one of the few students who can read and write. Nevertheless, these people are the main asset of the Afghan government. They are becoming increasingly responsible for the security in the provinces together with the Afghan National Army (ANA).

“A capable police force will play a key role in the future of Afghanistan. ANP is currently in charge of number of security operations, especially on the main roads. But their presence in remote areas and among people in villages is important for the improvement of public services and economical development,“ says Petr Svačina, head of the civilian part of PRT.

The BPC is not only focused on the men who will "protect and serve", but also on their trainers.
Right now the speaker is therefore an Afghan police officer. Soldiers from the Czech PRT are merely observing, providing feedback at times and making a few corrections.

“This is our fourth group since the beginning of our deployment in Logar. We have been surprised how good Afghans are in some disciplines. They learn shooting very quickly, they are very fast and nimble on the obstacle course,“ the Czech instructors asserted.

Hundreds of police officers have gone through the trainings conducted by Czech military. The civilian part of the PRT also contributes towards supporting  the security forces, especially by building facilities for ANA and ANP (checkpoints, observation points, headquarters, medical stations etc.).

Filip Moravec, media officer, civilian part of PRT Logar


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