The Afghan mission of Czech PRT in Logar is over after five years

Feb 4, 2013

Czechs have implemented 248 projects.

he Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) has officially finished its activities in the Logar Province, Afghanistan. The mission lasted since the beginning of 2008 as a joint project of the Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. 

The final ceremony was held on the Shank military base where the Czech PRT has been working for the entire period.

During the event, Czech soldiers and civilian experts from PRT were joined by their Afghan and international partners.

The Czech PRT has implemented 248 projects (constructions and reconstructions, trainings, supplies and "Quick Impact Projects"). Only three projects of this number were not finished due to security or technical conditions.

The projects were focused especially on support to security, governance, infrastructure, agriculture, water management, education, health and media.

The largest project is probably the construction of the agriculture high school for 500 students, which is the first specialized school in the province. As the agriculture is the main source of income in the province, the school will significantly increase the level of business in the area.

Besides of the constructions and reconstructions, Czechs organized number of trainings for farmers, veterinarians, government officials and journalists. The military part of PRT also contributed to the capacity building of the security forces as Czech soldiers trained hundreds of Afghan policemen and army servicemen.

“Our team was a fundamental part of the development in Logar during the last five years. The results are not only new schools, but also the growing education and working state administration in the province,” said Jiří Schneider, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

„I have very good impression from the meetings with NATO and ISAF representatives. The work made by the civilian and military part of the PRT was considered as very positive. It is very important to know, that our five years efforts were not useless,” said Vlastimil Picek, the First Deputy Minister of Defence.

Although the Czech PRT will withdraw from Logar during Feburary, the Czech Republic is not leaving Afghanistan as it will support the development cooperation and the security forces through the national contributions and cooperation.

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