Three Girl Schools Completed in Logar

Oct 28, 2009

Educational system in Logar Province was improved by construction of new schools for more than 1000 girls.

Two schools  were built in Khoshi District in eastern Logar. Girls from from surrounding villages used to study in tents as the old building was badly deteriorated.  New schools have been constructed in Hassani Basri and Khuja Laghai villages in the upper part of Khoshi valley in locations, that are not affected by frequent floods.

The construction was led by Provincial Ministry of Education and funded by Czech PRT. „We are grateful to Czech PRT for building this school for our daughters.Before this, girls were taught under tents and trees. It’s not a good environment for learning,“ Naqibullah, local villager, said.

Third school was completed in Maghul Kheil village, Muhammad Agha District. Eight new classrooms were constructed here, which increased capacity of the school. Now, total of 400 girls can study here.  

Till now, educational system in Logar Province was improved through nine new school buildings with capacity of more than 11.000 children.

Filip Moravec, civilian part of PRT Logar

Photo and Video

Under construction. Czech engineers visit project sites

The construction season has started just couple days ago and the engineers are keeping an eye on how the works at projects site continue. more ►

Help Stories

New Girl Schools Help in Khoshi District

Short movie about PRT project of schools construction, produced by students of Kabul University. more ►