PRT Strategy in Logar

Jun 8, 2009

In realizing reconstruction projects in Logar we observe several principles of development assistance while respecting the needs of the Afghan population

In particular, we focus on:

  • Sustainability – the capacity of local communities to manage the projects we built there in a long-term perspective and in a way that would not impose unrealizable demands on financial or human resources (e.g. we prefer the extension of a school to the construction of a new one, because we are aware of the fact that the Afghan Government does not have enough teachers, financial means for the equipment of new buildings, for teachers´ salaries, maintenance and operation of a new building).

  • Participation of local communities – we respect the local social structure and before launching our projects we talk openly with the communities and their representatives (shuras). We ask the communities to take part in the decision-making process and to ensure safe environment for realization of the projects.

  • Cooperation with provincial authorities – we strengthen the legitimacy of the local government, as well as the population´s  trust in their government by supporting projects resulting from the official district development councils and provincial development plans. Within the framework of cooperation we also increase the capacities of the Afghan authorities.

  • Needs assessment – on the basis of our own research in the communities, we are able to distinguish between the real needs of the community (that we still deal with within the framework of our projects) and the lists of projects (the so called wish lists) that mostly do not respect the reality of the community.

  • Long-term effect – we prefer long-term solutions to short-term effects (for example, we prefer the reconstruction of a school building to temporary tents in which children can learn).

  • Transparency – in selecting and awarding contracts we proceed from clearly given rules absolutely transparently, in order to avoid prejudice in favour of any natural or legal person.  At the same time, such conduct sets standards of ethical behaviour in the Afghan market environment.

  • Local companies, materials – by awarding contracts to local companies and employment of local suppliers and the local workforce we build the capacities of companies and simultaneously encourage the local economy.

Construction of a new milk collection centre in the village of Malak Abdullah Jan (photo Filip Moravec)

Construction of a school in Muhammad Agha district (photo by Filip Moravec)

Photo and Video

Under construction. Czech engineers visit project sites

The construction season has started just couple days ago and the engineers are keeping an eye on how the works at projects site continue. more ►