Provisional Footbridge in Tangi Waghjan Glen.

May 5, 2009

The Tangi Waghjan glen represents one of the most critical security points along the main road running through the Logar province.

In charge of protecting the main road between Kabul and the neighboring Paktia province is a checkpoint guarded by the Afghan National Police (ANP) near the village of Qala-e Shaghasi.   The checkpoint is situated on a hill above the road and is protected by a police station on top of the mountain on the opposite side of the glen. There is currently no direct link between the two strategic points. Reinforcements, supplies and ammunition must take a long roundabout route, the final part of which must be done on foot. The provisional bridge will span the Logar river and three irrigation canals, improving the connection between the two points.  This project should lead to an improvement of the security situation and enable better protection against attacks for supply convoys and vehicles of the ANP, Afghan National Army and coalition forces.  Faster and shorter connections between the two riverbanks will also benefit the local community. 

Photo and Video

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