Radio station in Logar Province improved the broadcasting thanks to new equipment

Jan 15, 2012

Millie Paygham Radio cooperates with PRT since 2008.

There are five radios in Logar Province. One of them, Millie Paygham, improved the broadcasting quality thanks to a new computer, mixer, microphones and voice recorders.

„Three years ago we received a new transmitter from the Czech PRT, that allowed us to cover a larger geographical area. Now we will improve the quality of our programs thanks to another parts of equipment. Especially the voice recorders will help us to make more reports from the field,“said Naser Modaser, director of the Millie Paygham Radio. The sustainability of the radios is growing up constantly, but they still cannot afford some expensive parts of equipment.

The Millie Paygham Radio has been broadcasting since 2003. „We focus on news from the Muhammad Agha district, where our radio is located. We broadcast discussions and interviews with local people, we want to give them space for their opinions,“ said Modaser.

But the lack of equipment is not the one and only problem for the radios in Logar. There is no chance to receive higher education in the area of journalism in the whole province, so the only option is to participate in short term trainings.

Czech PRT contributes to such trainings through their own projects. „I took part in several trainings with the support of the Czech PRT. I spent a few weeks in Salam Watandar radio station and two months in Kabul office of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (Radio Azadi), which has the headquarters in Prague,“ said Zubair Elham, one of Millie Paygham reporters.

„It was a great experience. We learned how to make reports, ask questions during the press conferences and think more about the composition of the program,“ Elham commented. Radio Azadi is currently the most popular radio in Afghanistan and highly respected in the world of media.

The PRT is now preparing the supply of new transmitters for three radios in the Logar Province. During the interships in Radio Azadi, another 12 journalists will receive  experience as Mr. Elham did.

Filip Moravec, media officer, civilian PRT Logar

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