Czech PRT continues in the construction of the agriculture high school.

Střední zemědělská škola se rozrůstá o ubytovnu a ukázkovou farmu

Accommodation and demonstration farm will be constructed during the second phase of the project. more ►

Third milk collection center was completed in Logar

sběrné centrum na mléko - Dželga

The provincial Department for Agriculture and Livestock in the Logar province, with the support of the Czech PRT, has completed the works on the new milk collection center. more ►

The project of agriculture high school was completed in Logar

zemědělská škola

The first part of the agriculture and mechanical high school in the Logar Province was handed over to the provincial authorities. more ►

Apiculture center will help Logar farmers to increase their incomes

Stavba včelařského centra

A new center for Logar beekeepers is under construction in the provincial capital of Pol-e Alam. more ►

People in Logar Province received new water systems for farming and daily use

Vodní zdroje v Khoshi

The Afghan Provincial government in Logar Province, supported by the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team, completed two projects of support to water management in the Khoshi District. more ►

The provincial government together with the Czech PRT continues in support to dairy production in Logar

Old building of Milk collection center

The provincial Department for Agriculture and Livestock in Logar province continues in support to local farmers by building two milk collection centers. more ►

Czech PRT helped establishing new fruit orchards in Azra

sady Azra

Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) carried out a training of fruit farmers, along with the distribution of fruit trees, in the Azra district of Logar province. Support and development of agriculture in Logar is one of the priorities of the Czech mission working in the eastern Afghan province. more ►

New farm at Powrak, the Silk Route to Logar development

Hedvábnická farma na Powraku

The Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Afghanistan has completed the construction of a silkworm farm in Powrak village in Logar province couple weeks ago. This week the farm started functioning and providing silkworm eggs to local farmers. more ►

This is our future, the Afghans say about agriculture school

Zahájení stavby střední zemědělské školy

Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) has launched the construction of Mechanical and Agriculture High School in Logar, one of the first specialized vocational schools in Eastern Afghanistan. Laboratories, workshops and a demonstration farm will be available to the students. more ►

Having place to sell milk to, even that changes the life of Afghans

Čištění nádob na mléko

One of the projects run by the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in the Afghan province of Logar are milk collection centers. more ►

Along with water, Czechs provide hope to people in Logar


Kareez, it is a waterway through which water gets to people. In dry and inhospitable climate of Afghanistan, it is one of few ways how to provide people with enough water. Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team helps people in Logar with restoration of these traditional irrigation systems. more ►

Five days a week young boy is a head of the family

Cold Storage v Kolangaru

The rules of Afghanistan are different than Europeans are used to. more ►

Five uplift projects announced in Logar

August 23 - Pol-e Alam, Afghanistan – The Czech Republic-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar launches five new development projects. more ►

Technical library donated to agriculture department in Logar

24 June, 2009 Pol-e Alam, Logar, Afghanistan – New technical library, including specialized publications in Dari and English, was donated to provincial agriculture department. more ►

Photo and Video

Construction of a new dam in Khoshi district

Have a look at the pictures from Abtak village, where PRT is working on reconstruction of water sources. more ►