Governance & Security

Czech mentors train their Afghan colleagues from the prison service

výcvik vězeňské služby

A training for the Prison Service has started in Logar Province. It is provided by the Czech PRT and the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. more ►

The PRT in Logar contributes to the training of the Afghan Police

vycvik ANP 3

During the past six months over 200 police officers went through Czech training courses more ►

Members of the Provincial Government were trained in communication and media

mediální školení

Afghan Government Media Information Center (GMIC) in Kabul, together with Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar Province, organized a training focused on PR, media and communication. more ►

Czech PRT conducted first aid training for Afghan soldiers

výcvik ANA

The knowledge of right procedures saves lives during the operations. more ►

New observation point contributes to the security in Logar center

pozorovací stanoviště

Have a look at the pictures of the new project of support to Afghan National Security Forces. more ►

New law library opened in Logar Province

Budova knihovny provinčního soudu

In Pol-e Alam, the capital of the Logar province, a new law and justice library was opened by the Provincial Court. more ►

New facilities will serve to hundreds of Afghan soldiers in Logar

Nová ošetřovna pro afghánskou armádu

A part of the Afghan National Army (ANA) base was renovated and handed over to soldiers from 1st Kandak in Logar province. more ►

Now we can defy the insurgents more effectively, say the policemen from Dabare, Logar

Nový checkpoint u mostu Dabare

The new police checkpoint at a strategic crossroads is another step for the Afghan security forces on their way to independence. From now on, the road and the bridge of Dabare are guarded by 15 Afghan policemen, who will use the new base and observation point. more ►

Five uplift projects announced in Logar

August 23 - Pol-e Alam, Afghanistan – The Czech Republic-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar launches five new development projects. more ►

Photo and Video

Construction of a new dam in Khoshi district

Have a look at the pictures from Abtak village, where PRT is working on reconstruction of water sources. more ►